Turnbuckle and Assembly

We can provide a solution for your sourcing turnbuckle as per standard DIN1478, DIN 1479, DIN 1480 and special customized size etc. We are equipped with the punch ( with 6.3T, 20T, 25T, 35T, 40T, 45T, 63T capacity) and hydraulic pressure machine of 315T, pipe forming technology is one of our developed metal forming technology for DIN1478 turnbuckle bodies. In our location, we has the long-term business partner in forging technology of hydraulic fittings, DIN1480 turnbuckle forgings is also made.       
Rigging screw area:  Turnbuckle DIN1478, Turnbuckle DIN1479, Turnbuckle DIN1480 and special turnbuckle.  Turnbuckle DIN1478 with jaw jaw, Turnbuckle DIN1478 with hook jaw, Turnbuckle DIN1478 with eyeblot eyeblot, HOOK HOOK TURNBUCKLE DIN 1478, Turnbuckle DIN1478 with top link

Tractor top link assembly area: Top link Tubes for lift arm leveling assembly, compact tractor stabilizer assembly, check chain stabilizer assembly, adjustable top links, ratchet jacks, forged ball ends assembly and OEM top links for tracator three point hitch, tractor attachment and linkage.