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Created on:2014-03-15 00:00

Ratchet turnbuckle For Land drilling equipment NOV suitecase CA project

Our ratchet turnbuckle is used in oil field, in order to tension the pipe system for the suitecase CA. National Oilwell Varvo company already purchased from our factory. 

At the same time, our Jaw ratchet turnbuckle also can be used in Offshore drilling equipment, trailer rig, combined drive drilling rig, mechanical drilling rig, AC VFD drilling rig and DC electric drive drilling rig. when you need the connection to embrace or tension, to adjust the distance of heavy load goods.  Our ratchet turnbuckle will be your supporting. Easy operation/connection/disconnection, to saving labor cost. 

 Open face, K type mast, and integral self elevating substructure Mast and substructure are lifted by drawworks power one at a time. Main brake of drawworks is hydraulic disk brake; stand-by brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake. The control system adopts advanced AC-SCR-DC control technique.The data control adopts PLC to perform logical control, monitor and protection