Solid Waste Compactor

Created on:2014-03-15 00:00

Solid waste compactor ratchet turnbuckles

is design for linking the attachment such as compaction system Ram. Our ratchet load binder link the container, it is called ratchet tensionor for solid waste screw compactor, mobile compactor, static waste compactor, container tipping mechanisms, container traversing system, waste container etc.

Compactor ratchet turnbuckle, it is also the name of container ratchet turnbuckle. You will find this ratchet system in sold waste compactor field, to connect or tension the screw system with container, in order to solid the waste and save the room.

There is no better way to compact cardboard, waste paper or wooden boxes. Due to pre-crushing of the material you achieve high capacity loading weights up to 300 kg compacted waste per m3. Even EURO pallets and wooden packaging mate- rials are no problem for our heavy duty screw compactor. WERNER & WEBER