Tensile steel construction and structures application

Created on:2014-08-02 00:00

Tensile Sturctures and construction field in archtectural application Projects

Turnbuckle are used to provide overall length and tension adjustment(tighten or loosen the tension) of tie rods and hanger assemblies, they are widely used in structural steel bracing or fabricated lugs.Ties rods, clevies, and turnbuckle are important part of many structural design.

Structural steel, Swintool produce OEM turnbuckle with fork ends for CMF Tensaform, turnbuckle bodies with 650mm length, electroplating material steel. We can design turnbuckle for sturctural steelwork, architectural metalwork and corrosive metalwork. In Feature and steelstructral steelwork such as bridges, roof support and core stair steel work etc project.

One example: OEM turnbuckle with jaw jaw is used in helicopter landing pads to primary support structures, flooring, stair towers, ship to shore access facilites and many other application with architectural metalwork packages.NCMP Aluminium structures on-shore projects construction.