Rachet wrench for DIN1478 turnbuckles M24 M30


ratchet wrench for DIN 1478 turnbuckle

1.  Easy to assemble for DIN 1478 turnbuckle and shaft etc.
2. If you need special requirement, please tell me by email ws@swintool.com

Our this type ratchet wrench is for DIN 1478 turnbuckle,  it is easy to assemble by hole linking between ratchet wrench and turnbuckles. That means your three point hitch system can be easy to have the ratchet function, and you can discharge the ratchet when you don’t need. Turnbuckle is often used in three point hitch of tractor for quick and easy installation adjustments. Our ratchet turnbuckle has a variety of uses in the heavy lifting work for you while providing incredible down  up force to start and stop to adjust implements, 3-Point Hitch System raises and lowers to the precise location you want.

In marine hardware, the ratchet we designed is heavy duty(665Nm working load) and big size house( Diameter 51mm), it evolves into special ratchet load binder(mechanism tool) for paver machinery, tractor, solid waste container etc equipment and machinery. Our ratchets can replace ratchets of G80 and G100 load binder in the market.

We provide a solution for your special needs of ratchets, this type ratchet wrench is designed for the heavy duty( exceed more standard ratchet wrench of 300Nm, rachet function is durable by grease fittings, the extended handle is fixed by lock pin for saving labor, it is flexible. ratchet wrench heavy duty ratchet turnbuckle ratchet handle square OEM ratchet wrench big size hex G80 ratchet load binder G100 ratchet load binder steel machinery paver machinery solid waste compactor three point hitch system tractor DI


Swintool develops different kinds of ratchet wrench by evolving this kind of ratchets. 

1. Circle in ratchets which is extended into base with link hole for turnbuckle.

2. Square or Hex inside ratchets,  is used for industrial manufacturing.

3. The extended handle and fold handle is design for your different needs.

Circle & Link Hole in Rachets for DIN1478 turnbuckles    


   The 6x45 pin locking  rob handle.



  A link hole can be fixed into pipe)

 Part NO. 






Match with turnbuckle

Max working force  

moment  Nm


Ratchet wrench M30






Ratchet wrench M24






1. When you use the extended handle, please dont exceed the max working load.

2.  If you need 6x45 pin lock, please add -LK after part no.

3.  If you need the extended rob handle please add-1M(-1M is the length is 1m).  

4.  The size is for your reference, your special requirement is available.


N1478 turnbuckle

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