Ratchet handle wrench for steel machinery



Ratchet handle wrench for steel machinery Kobelco

1. Easy to assemble for DIN 1478 turnbuckle and shaft etc by pin lock.
2. Inside shape of ratchets can be evolved into any special size for your special needs.
3. This type of ratchet working load exceed the standard ratchet wrench, 665Nm
4. The handle of ratchet wrench is fexible to extend the length you need.
5. This ratchet handle is already used in Paver machinery, Tractor, Solid waste compactor, steel machinery business, G80 and G100 ratchet load binder etc.   ratchet wrench heavy duty ratchet turnbuckle ratchet handle square OEM ratchet wrench big size hex G80 ratchet load binder G100 ratchet load binder steel machinery paver machinery solid waste compactor three point hitch system tractor DIN1478 turnbuckle

Ratchet wrench handle with hex 36mm